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Self-Service Technology

Yutaka WP DX-330’s ‘one easy slide’ feature makes regular maintenace easier to do at your own time and anytime you want. Just slide the handle to the desired action and the machine will do the rest.
Yutaka ST-330 is regular maintenance free.

Periodic Maintenance

The purification system requires a regular periodic maintenance. Cleaning or replacement of the filter media and the cloth filter are necessary to eliminate clogging of dirts and micro-particles. Your technicians will advise you when this is due.


Increase Yutaka WP lifetime

Proper, accurate, and preventive maintenance is required to prolong your Yutaka Water Purifier’s lifetime. Every water has their own residue, in order to prevent contamination and clogging issues, it is important to perform a periodic maintenance check with our official technician ( Please refer to our product warranty T&C ). Our customer service team will notify you about the maintenance time via email or phone call as requested.


Five years warranty for DX -330 and ST-330 cyllinder and 1 year warranty for all spare parts usage. Your contact details and product serial number must be provided to claim the warranty. ( Please refer to our product warranty T&C)