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Providing Indonesia with healthier and cleaner water is our priority for the last 30 years.Our company, Yutaka Mizu Indonesia was born from our founders’ passion in clean and healthy water.

Our source of clean water is diminishing due to the rapid development process in our country.

Based on our essential need for clean water nowadays, our founders strive to create an accesible water purification system to provide purified water for everyday household needs.

Combination between product innovation, elegant design, and performance reliability is the core of Yutaka Water Purifier products. In a glance, Yutaka Water Purifier design is elegant yet cost effective, strong yet user friendly with our ‘one easy slide’ feature and reliable with our zero-defect philosophy.


Providing cleaner and healthy water for your family has been our company’s commitment in future consecutive development of the products, along with exceptional customer service. We are devoted to our customer satisfaction, hence we are able to consistently fulfill our customers’ present and future demands. Currently, we have been delivering our best products and greatest services to our customers all over Indonesia.

Our customer satisfaction is our company’s priority, product’s information and 24 hours call center are available to our customers.

Furthermore, customers can easily find our products from our standardized dealer all across Indonesia.

Yutaka Mizu Indonesia presents a water purifier with various benefits:

  • High qualty products
  • Elegant design
  • More efficient
  • Convenient and handy
  • Easy-care
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Extensive customer service
  • Special customer loyalty program