With Yutaka Technology, it’s easier to get clean water for beloved family

Most cities in Indonesia have poor water condition. It's easily polluted, from groundwater to processed water. Bad odor and turbidity in water are our common problems with water. Are you sure that your daily water is really healthy? Based on UN Water Organization, 1 from 8 people lack of access to healthy water. Trust your water matter with Yutaka Water Purifier. Provide your family with clean and healthy water.

Our Product Advantages

Yutaka Water Purifier has many benefits for your family health :


Self-Service Technology

DX330 and ST330 series are easy to maintain. DX330 with its ‘one easy slide’ feature and ST330 is regular maintenance-free. Cleaning will never be easier. Our technicians will keep them on their best shape every quarter year or after 250m3 usage.


Non Organic Filter

Filter out heavy metals and non-organic mattters from your water.


Anti Bacterial Filter

Filter out organic particles down to 1 micron for a healthier water for your daily needs.



5 years warranty for both DX330 and ST330 cylinders and 1 year warranty for all wear and tear spare parts.


Safe For Kids

Create a safer water experience for your children with Yutaka Water Purifier, especially for brushing their teeth. Less worry for babies those with sensitive skins. Healthy family is a happy family.


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Contact Us

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